iTunes copy to new computer, transfer iTunes to another computer

How to transfer iTunes from PC to Mac

With CopyTrans TuneSwift - the iTunes library transfer software, you will be able to transfer iTunes from PC to Mac.

Have you ever wandered how to transfer iTunes library from PC to Mac when you bought your new Mac computer and you wanted to get rid of your old PC?

The program’s main window acts as a starting point of a quick step-by-step wizard which guides you through the stages of the process. In addition to transferring, you can also backup and subsequently restore you iTunes library to a location of your choice.

  1. To start your iTunes library transfer, click on the “Transfer” button.
    copy iTunes from pc to mac
  2. To start your iTunes library transfer, click on the “Transfer” button. You will be taken to the next screen asking you to chose where you want to transfer your iTunes library to. Choose the Mac option.
    transfer iTunes from pc to mac
  3. From the next screen you will be given the opportunity to select the location where an exact copy of your iTunes library will be saved in the form of a backup file. The location is usually an external hard drive or USB flash drive connected to your PC which you can later plug into your Mac computer for the transfer to take place. Click on the Browse button to navigate to a folder on your external HDD or a USB flash drive.
    moving iTunes library
  4. A pop-up window will allow you to navigate to a desired location. In this case, this is a folder called “iTunes Transfer” on an external hard drive called “Jupiter (F:). This is where a backup file of your iTunes library will be stored under the form of a .tsw file. Depending on the size of your iTunes library, the backup can consist of several .tsw files, separated equally into 3GB chunks.
    transfer iTunes library to new computer
  5. After selecting the location where your iTunes library backup .tsw files will be saved, you can proceed and click on the Start Transfer button.
    moving itunes library to mac
  6. The transfer will begin and process bar window will show. Just wait for the process to finish.
    transfer itunes library content to mac
  7. After the process terminates, a browser window will automatically take you an instructions webpage which explains how to transfer the backed up iTunes library to your Mac computer. Download the TuneSwift Mac-restore application by using the link from the website.
    copy itunes library to mac
  8. Once you open TuneSwift Mac-restore application, click on the Browse button to locate the backup .tsw file.
    itunes library mover
  9. Browse to your external hard drive or flash memory device and select the .tsw file. Then click Open.
    re-establsh itunes library on a new computer
  10. Now you need to select your iTunes library destination folder and click on the Restore button.
    Note: leave this at the default location unless you have previously relocated the iTunes library folder.
    transfer itunes database to mac
  11. Wait for the transfer process to complete.
    exporting itunes library to mac

    exporting itunes library to mac
  12. Next, open your Applications folder, find your iTunes icon, and while holding down the Option key on your keyboard, open iTunes.
    share itunes library to mac
  13. You will be prompted to chose a new iTunes library. Select the “Choose Library” button.
    relocate itunes library to mac
  14. Now navigate to Music>iTunes and then select and choose the “iTunes Library.itl” file. (This step is not really needed with the latest version of the Mac restore operation – I did not go through it in order to have the iTunes library shown).
    itunes export library to mac
  15. Once this is done, iTunes will open and you will have your iTunes library from your old PC show up.
    sync itunes library with mac